Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions



Is the Quit Kick complicated to install?

No, it’s very simple. It takes under 2 minutes and all you need is a screwdriver. There are no wires just a box to fit to the door with 4 screws (for the door kicker) and for the TSS you simply attach the QK box to the bars with the clip on system provided or with 4 screws if you do not have bars in your stable and then the 2 sensors are fixed to the wall with 4 screws each.



Are there horses that like water who that find that fun to play with?

No horses find it fun to play with as the jets spray directly at their face and body and produces a buzz noise at the same time, which also surprises them

Est ce qu’il y a des chevaux qui aiment l’eau et qui trouve que c’est drôle de jouer avec l’appareil?



Does the stable and bedding get wet?

No because the horse does not like the jet spray and stops kicking within a day or 2, so no more water is sprayed.. The jets are also very fine.

Est-ce que le box et la litière devienent humide?



Do horses become afraid to roll in the stable with the system?

No, because when they roll their head is on the floor, in the bedding so if they do kick the wall they do not notice the spray, which is emitted at about 1.70m high.



Do horses become fearful to enter into their stable?

No not at all, they understand very quickly that the jets spray is a reaction to their negative behaviour when they kick the walls or door and at no other time.



Do horses become afraid of water and the shower after this?

No, they are smart enough to understand the difference between the shower and being corrected for bad behaviour.



Do horses start kicking again once they get used to the spray?

They never get used to the spray, on the contrary they ALL stop kicking in the stable



Can the Quit Kick be used on several stables at a time, for several horses?

Yes, once one horse has been educated and no longer kicks its walls you can install the QK in another horses stable. All horses who have needed a QK will need a reminder from time to time, for some horses it’s once a week, others once every six months, depending on their character so you will need to keep rotating the QK between the horses that kick to give them a reminder. You have the possibility to purchase additional fixing plates so that the fixing plate stays permanently in each horses stable and the QK box is simply clipped from one stable to another in seconds



How often do you need to recharge the Quit Kick and refill it with water?

In the beginning you will need to refill with water and recharge about every 10 days, after a month you will only need to recharge and refill it a couple of times a year. As the horse no longer kicks the battery and water is rarely used. Be sure to keep the battery fully charged even if not using the Quit Kick so as to preserve battery life.



Can it be used on stables with concrete walls or temporary stables at shows?

Est-ce-que le QuitKick peut etre utilisé sur des murs en béton ou parpaing ou dans les boxes démontables en concours ?

It does not work on concrete or rubber. If your walls are not wood you will need to fix a thin board of wood in the area where the horse kicks or all away across the wall if it kicks the entire wall. This needs to be about 1m high.

For mountable competition stables you need a thin board of wood that you can transport with you. By attaching 2 strings at the top of this board you can hang it from the top of the stable.


Can it be used outside in freezing temperatures?

Yes, if you add an anti -freeze that is non toxic for animals or an edible anti-freeze



Can I pay in 4 payments, over 4 months?

Yes, but only if you have a French chequebook


Est-ce que je peux payer en plusieurs fois ?

Oui, mais seulement si vous avez un compte chèque en France



Can I really be reimbursed if not happy?

Yes, no questions asked. You have 14 days to make a decision. You will be refunded the totality minus the 20 euros post and packing costs. Return costs are at the charge of the buyer. QKs fonctionability is so good that no buyer has as yet requested a refund


Is there a discount for group orders?

Yes, please contact us to discuss a group discount



Where can I buy a QuitKick?

It is only available via our website Or if you live within a 15-kilometre radius of Geneva, Switzerland by rdv



Will it work on horses that grate the floor?

No, QK works by vibration. It needs to feel the choc of a horses hoof banging hard on the wall



What if the horse next door kicks your horses’

If the horse next door also kicks it is advisable to use your horses QK on other walls where you are sure only he will kick to ensure he does not receive a correction for another horses bad behaviour or change the horse next door for one that does not kick



Can it be used in a trailer or lorry during transport?

No this is highly unadvised for 2 reasons. 1 in case the horse panics it would be very dangerous while on the road and 2. As there are 2 sprays that are emitted from the QK, the horses at either side of the one being corrected would also be sprayed.

It can be used while the trailer or lorry is immobilised at a show provided the horse is alone in the transport and that you remember to remove it before travelling.



Which system do I need?

If your horse kicks the door with its front feet while its head is outside the stable you need the systeme port with vertical jets

If your horse kicks the door with its front feet but the top of the door is closed with bars you need the systeme porte with horizontal jets

If your horse kicks several walls you need the TSS



Does it work for horses that wind suck or weave?

No, QK works by vibration. It needs to feel the choc of a horses hoof banging hard on the wall



Will the horse not chew and destroy the Quit Kick main box?

The QK box is usually placed outside of the stable. In rare cases where the QK needs to be placed inside the stable it is placed high enough so that the horse cannot easily reach it. If your horse is especially curious you can add a protective grill or spray it with a repulsive product



Does it work also for horse out at grass who kick the field shelter?

Yes, you will need to protect the QK with a grill so that the horses cannot destroy it or place it out of their reach



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