Why do I need Quit Kick

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Why do I need Quit Kick?

When a horse develops the habit of kicking in the stable it can be dangerous, costly and very annoying. Stable kicking can often lead to leg and foot injuries, increasing vet and farrier costs and can in some extreme cases result in severe injury and even euthanasia.


Kicking can also damage stable walls and stable doors. Prior to the invention of Quit Kick this habit could not be cured without time consuming and intensive one-on-one training.


Quit Kick is the only totally humane, totally effective and totally permanent cure for this behaviour. It also requires no human interaction with the horse.

Quit Kick products produce a totally consistent response that human interaction cannot replicate. Installing Quit Kick not only gives horse owners peace of mind, knowing that their horse will not injure itself or damage the stable, it will also have no impact on their on-going relationship with their horse.


For people running yards and stabling facilities, Quit Kick will bring peace and quiet to a yard that would otherwise suffer from this contagious, noisy, harmful and annoying habit