Total stall system

Quit Kick Total Stall System

If you have an enclosed stall where the horse can only see out over the door and there are no bars, you will need to install the main Quit Kick box inside the stall. Care needs to be taken so that the horse does not bite it or knock it off the wall and damage it in this case. You can spray it with a product repulsive for horses or cover it with chicken wire for protection.


As with the door kicking deterrent the unit will only active if the walls are kicked. General rubbing or leaning against the wall will not result in the horse getting a spray of water.

Quit Kick Total Stall System stops horses from kicking the interior walls of their stalls.

It is an adaptation of the original Quit Kick Door Kicker and is designed to stop horses from kicking the interior walls of the stable.


It differs from the Quit kick Door Kicker in that the sensors are not part of the unit that sprays the water. With the Total Stall System the sensors are separate and they are attached to the wall where the horse is most prone to kicking.


When the horses kicks the wall the sensors immediately send a wireless signal to the main unit and that instantly sprays water at the horse. Like the original QuitKick it is quick and easy to fit and totally painless. It is also 100% effective.


If you have a stable with grills/bars along the front your equipment will come with a backplate which attaches to the bars, outside the stall and allows the water to spray into the stall between the bars as depicted on this page.

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