Stop your horse kicking stable doors and walls

The Quit-Kick range of products have been designed by equine professionals to painlessly stop the frustrating habit of horses kicking stable doors and walls.


When a horse kicks in the stable it can cause damage to hooves, legs and the stable itself. It is expensive and dangerous and can be a significant factor in lameness. It is also extremely annoying and can be contagious, as other nearby horses may pick the habit up.


Quit Kick detects the vibrations of a shock from a hoof hitting the wall or door and responds immediately with two rapid sqirts of water in the direction of the horse.


Quit Kick can be adapted to all types of stalls including ones with concrete walls, stalls with no bars and also temporary soft walled stalls at shows.


Horses generally stop kicking within two days. We have yet to discover a situation where Quit Kick has not worked on a horse.


Quitkick products are quick and easy to fit (with no cables) in under two minutes

Order Quitkick online now and make horse door kicking a thing of the past

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