Installation de votre

Quit Kick Système Porte

1. Plug the charger into the mains wall socket and charge over night. The light will go out or very dim when the unit is fully charged.


2. Unscrew the water reservoir cap and fill with clean tap water. Replace the cap.


3. Securely fix the back plate to the stable door, approximately 40cm from the ground so the unit is about the same height as the horse's knees.


4. Slide the unit onto the backplate


5. Switch unit to 'ON' position


6. After approximately 10 seconds simulate a kick to the stable door. DO NOT stand over the unit whilst doing this or you will get a face full of water! You may need to activate the unit a few times to draw the water from the reservoir.





Ensure that at no time the Quit Kick falls or receives a shock.


Ensure the horse is not in the stable whilst fitting and familiarising yourself with the Quit Kick.


Turn off the Quit Kick during mucking out and while taking the horse in and out of the stall.


A fully charged Quit Kick will last about 10 days


The direction of the water jets can be adjusted by gently inserting a pin into the jet holes and adjusting as required. If you do not aquire the angle you desire you can open the Quit Kick and slightly loosen the screw holding the water nozzle from the inside.


In freezing temperatures you can add a non toxic anti-freeze to the water resevoir.


Never leave the battery uncharged for long periods as this will damage it and reduce its life span considerably.


Remove the Quit Kick from the stall while charging. It will not work while plugged into the charger.


Your QuitKick is designed specifically to stop horses from kicking stable doors. Do not attempt to use it for anything else.


The unit must always be located OUTSIDE the stable where the horse cannot touch it.

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