Installation de votre

Quit Kick Système Total Box


1.Charge the main unit overnight with the battery charger provided. The charger socket is black and located below the On/Off switch.


2. Fix the back plate to the grill/bars of the stall anywhere along the front of the stall or the door. The unit should be at approximately the same height as the horses head.


3.If you have a sliding door make sure you locate the unit where the door can still open fully.


4.The large back plate must be located outside the stable with the brackets pointing upwards and the two smaller bars inside the stable. They are connected by the wing nuts and bolts supplied.


5.The wing nuts must be located outside the stable (Fig 2). This will ensure nothing protrudes into the stable (Fig 1). Please note the mounting plate now differs slightly from the picture overleaf but the concept is the same – big plate on the outside, two bars on the inside


6.Unscrew the cap on the top of the unit and fill with clean tap water. Replace the cap when filled.


7.Slide the QuitKick unit onto the back plate. You are now ready to fit the wireless shock sensors – do not turn the main unit on until the sensors are secured to the wall.

8.Two batteries are supplied with your QuitKick Total Stall System, one for each sensor. These are NOT regular AA batteries. They are 3.6 volt lithium batteries. Regular AA batteries will not work with the sensors. Fit the batteries by removing the battery cover on the rear of the sensor, making sure the battery is fitted correctly as depicted in the battery holder.


9.Once the battery is installed the sensor is on – there is no on/off switch. Test the battery and the sensor by tapping the sensor – the green LED light on top of the sensor will turn on briefly.


10.The shock sensors should be firmly secured on the wall near to the area that your horse kicks and low down on the wooden boarding, using the screws provided. If you have bedding in your stalls the sensors should preferably be placed below the bedding line where they will not receive a direct kick. It is best that your horse cannot reach the sensors, even better if your horse cannot see them. It is a good idea to fit them on the reverse side of the stable wall if accessible.


11.Turn the main unit on and simulate a kick to the wall. You may need a hard object to do this as the sensor may not react when the wall is kicked with a human shoe. The water jets must go between the bars/grills into the stable. Adjustments to the water direction can be made by sliding the back plate along the bars or by slightly turning the black nozzle from left to right. Only very small adjustments will be required. Finer adjustments can be made by inserting a pin into the silver holes where the water jets come from.


12.The QuitKick is now ready for operation.



Ensure that at no time the Quit Kick falls or receives a shock.


Ensure the horse is not in the stable whilst fitting and familiarising yourself with the Quit Kick.


Turn off the Quit Kick during mucking out and while taking the horse in and out of the stall.


A fully charged Quit Kick will last about 10 days


The direction of the water jets can be adjusted by gently inserting a pin into the jet holes and adjusting as required. If you do not aquire the angle you desire you can open the Quit Kick and slightly loosen the screw holding the water nozzle from the inside.


In freezing temperatures you can add a non toxic anti-freeze to the water resevoir.


Never leave the battery uncharged for long periods as this will damage it and reduce its life span considerably.


Remove the Quit Kick from the stall while charging. It will not work while plugged into the charger.

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